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Student Flyer,


October 1948— Students for Wallace Executive Board was officially reprimanded by Dean Maroney for misquoting him on a statement regarding permission for Henry Wallace to speak on Campus.

November 1948—Vanguard was suspended for one week in the midst of the above “hot” issue. Marvin Kurpatkin, Associate Managing Editor of Vanguard, was suspended for his editorial criticizing Dean Maroney’s reprimand of the SFW Exec.

January 1949— The FSCSA hand picked a Student Committee on Self Government of 11 to revise Student Council, despite suggestions of electing them by the student at large and making them responsible to student groups or to the student body.

April 1949— KMS was suspended for the remainder of the term for holding a meeting off—campus , where Henry Winston who was under judicial consideration, spoke. The action directly violates the NSA bill of Rights guaranteeing the “right to invite and hear speakers of their (students’) choice.” The 3 officers of KMS were suspended for one day.


1. Student Suspensions
Irv Giassgow, Abe Burnett, and Paul Schwartz have been suspended for the rest of the term for addressing “unscheduled meetings” protesting the suspension of KMS. Two students were suspended for 2 days by Dean Maroney for “conduct unbecoming a student.” Their “conduct” consisted of wearing caps, gowns, and gags; and they wore signs protesting administration policy.

2. Election Suspension
Student Council elections were arbitrarily suspended at a meeting of the Faculty-“Student” Committee on Student Activities. (Meeting consisted of 6 faculty members and 1 student.)

3. Censorship of Vanguard
The Faculty Advisor of Vanguard has the power to suspend staff member from Vanguard has the power to suspend staff members from Vanguard for expressing opinions deemed “detrimental to good journalistic practice.”

Issued by Young Progressives

Mike Lutzker, Educ,
Vincent Lagano, Treas.