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Brooklyn College Suspends 6 Youths

New York Times

May 21, 1950 pg 61

Student Editors Disciplined After Issuing Student Paper Following Ban

Five Student editors and the business manager of Brooklyn College’s suspended official weekly newspaper, Vanguard have themselves been suspended for “evasion” of the college ruling against the publication, it was disclosed yesterday. In addition, fifty student staff members of The Vanguard were officially reprimanded and placed on probation.

According to a college spokesman, the disciplinary action was taken by Dr. Fredrick W. Maroney, dean of students, because the staff had evaded the week-old suspension of The Vanguard by publishing an unofficial paper called Draugnav. Publication of The Vanguard was halted by the college authorities after its faculty adviser, Dr. Julius Portnoy aid that the students refused to heed his advice.

Arthur Lack, 21 years old, editor-in-chief of The Vanguard as well as of its unofficial replacement, was suspended five days beginning tomorrow “for conduct unbecoming a student.” Three day suspensions were given to Miss Martha Wechsler, the business manager, and to four executive editors, Harry Baron, Gene Bluestein, Norman Gelb and Herbert Dorfman.

Mr. Lack, a senior, said yesterday that Draugnav was financed “though independent sources” and had been distributed free outside the campus gates and that the staff had not broken any college rules or city ordinances. He said that the entire matter would be appealed to the college authorities, the student council and the Board of Higher Education.