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Unedited Interview Transcripts

Included here are two unedited oral history interview transcripts, one from each historical episode: Marjorie Brockman narrates her experience with the Farm Labor Project and Bill Taylor tells of working on the Vanguard when it was suspended by the college president. These sample transcripts provide students and teachers of oral history the opportunity to examine an interview in its entirety, note the ways in which the interviews deviate from the prescribed interview question guides, analyze the interpretive choices that the website producers made in the edited testimonies, mine the transcripts for additional historical significance, and discuss the advantages and limitations of oral histories as primary documents. More generally, researchers of these historical periods will find the interviews full of histrical evidence and memories not included in the edited narratives. (Note to the reader: The narrators reviewed their interviews and made minor edits and corrections. Confidential material about other people was removed from these transcripts.)