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Oral History Interview Guides

Below are the two Interview Guides that were used by the historians and students of oral history who conducted interviews with Farm Labor Project and Vanguard participants. The interview questions were develoed after research was conducted about the two historical episodes. The guides were refined on the heels of preliminary interviews with some of the interviewees. the interview questionaires are referred to as "guides" since they are intended to offer signposts to the interviewers who should, and do, wander from the guide when the interviewees take the interviewers in unexpected directions.

Oral History Interview Guide:
Farm Labor Project Participants

1. Biographical Information

2. College Life

3. Farm Labor Project Background

4. Work Experience

5. Training

6. Living Conditions

7. Social, Cultural and Religious Life

8. (Include following questions for 1943 participants)

9. General Evaluation

10. Life After Farm Labor Project

Oral History Interview Guide:
Vanguard Participants

1. Biographical Information

2. College Life

3. Vanguard Background

4. Suspension of Newspaper and Students

5. Post Vanguard Life