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Primary Document Three


The Bean Stalker

July 23, 1943

Professor Benedict mentioned at the July sixteenth assembly that he had received a request for the election of a student representation committee. Dr. Benedict stated that he could not see how we would find the time to hold such elections. We are sure that our group realizes the urgent need for such a body and will gladly give up some of their leisure time to elect their own committee members.

A student council would enable us to express to the faculty our suggestions and difficulties. Until now the only means by which the student body has been able to do this has been through the action of self-appointed committees. We feel that those committees do not adequately represent us in the eyes of our faculty or to our own satisfaction. Therefore it is imperative that some representative body, which can speak for us and be a link between the faculty and the students, be elected immediately.

To our knowledge the best suggestion for setting this program in motion has been to elect an exploratory committee which would define the powers of such representative body.

We believe that the committee can be and should be elected by Friday or Saturday at the latest.