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Primary Document Seven

Brooklyn Marches Onward
Marching Song Of The Brooklyn College Farm Labor Project

To the tune to which Prime Minister Churchill marched when he was "Winnie", a schoolboy at Harrow, the following verse and refrain were written by Rev. Dr. Alfred Grant Walton, pastor, The Flatbush-Tompkins Congregational Church. The regular Harrow verses are also very appropriate:

Brooklyn marches onward,
To the fields we go,
Hands and hearts united,
Strong to meet the foe.
We shall aid our armies,
Everywhere they roam,
Fighting on the food front
In the ranks at home
With a song of joy
We shall greet the morning sun,
Toiling, ever toiling,
Til the cause of peace is won.


Gather in the harvest,
Sons of liberty!
Food for freedom's fighters,
Food for victory.