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Choosing Brooklyn

Phyllis LeShaw

— It was nearby and it was free. And I was a very good French student so it got my marks all the way up just to make it under the wire to get into Brooklyn College. My sister went to Hunter— I don't know, for whatever reason. And all my friends from grade school— I went to P.S. 92— they all went to Brooklyn College.

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Frances Koral

— I went to James Madison High School and then I went to Brooklyn College. This was a free college and all we had to pay for were our books and certain student fees. I couldn't go if we had to pay.

Marion Greenstone

— And then it came time to go to college and I decided to go to Brooklyn College because my cousin who lived in Brooklyn was a student there. He was just a couple of years older than I and he used to invite me to various happenings and encouraged me to go there. And it seemed very nice. I didn't believe in separate education and Hunter College was just for women then. So I schlepped all the way from the top of the Bronx to the bottom of Brooklyn practically, every day. But I'm none the worse for it.

Marjorie Brockman

— Actually, I had been accepted at Hunter and decided go to Brooklyn College, because my family wanted me to go to Hunter. I was naturally defiant. I would go to Brooklyn College even though I lived near High Grant Circle in the Bronx and I had almost a mile walk to the Lexington Avenue local to get down to 125th Street where I met all my other friends and we traveled on out to Brooklyn College from there.

Elliot Levine

— I'll never forget. One day my father, out of the blue, said, "why don't you switch to a paid college." He seemed to think that a place where you had to pay was a better school than the one I was going to. Then, somewhere along the line, there was a basketball scandal and some classmate of mine said, "the Brooklyn diploma isn't going to be worth anything because of that scandal." So I got an idea of switching to Syracuse University where a friend of mine was already going, a former Brooklyn student. And it didn't work out. I went there. I was enrolled there. But within the first week or two it turned out that I would not be able to graduate in four years for some technicality of the curriculum, and I didn't want to stay an extra semester. I went home and went back to Brooklyn.