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Marjorie Brockman Marjorie Brockman

Marjorie Brockman

I graduated from Brooklyn College in 1946 and continued at University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) doing graduate work in Psychology and Anthropology. In five years I aquired both an ABD and a husband. With my three daughters, I moved to Washington D.C. where I worked for I.F. Stone (I.F. Stone's Weekly). He sent me to a career in advertising. I was constantly active in the civil rights movement, housing integration and the anti-Vietnam War movement. I finished my Washington life as director of Neighbors, Inc., a neighborhood fair housing group, and moved to NYC in 1970. I became administrative director of a very large drug treatment program at Kings County Hospital/Downstate Medical Center where I was Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry. After 23 years, I retired in 1994. My avocation for the past 45 years has been traveling around the world.